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  • What will my puppy come with?
    Their dew claws removed (Three days of age) Microchipped (You will be able to register it in your name) Dewormed (as recommeded by the veterinarian) All age-appropriate vaccinations (as recommended by the veterinarian) A COMPLETE examination performed by a licensed veterinarian 2 yr. Genetic Guarantee Started on a healthy diet of Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Puppy socialization Our commitment that we will be here to answer any questions for the lifetime of your puppy!
  • What is the difference between f1/f1b, multigen, etc..."
    F1, F1b, Multigen, F2…All of it can get confusing. We breed Micro and Mini F1/F1bs. An F1 means 50% Poodle and 50% Retriever. An F1 has a wavier coat and has a blockier look. F1b's are curlier, therefore, they are more hypoallergenic, if you have allergies the F1b is the way to go. As far as breeding goes, the F1b is created from breeding an F1 Goldendoodle to a Poodle. Multigen terminology gets much more confusing. Multigen is essientally a Goldendoodle bred to a Goldendoodle. They look just like the F1 or F1b. They can have curly or wavy coats and they come in more colors than the F1.
  • Will they shed?
    Goldendoodles range in shedding from minimal to very little shedding. F1’s will have minimal shedding, but not enough to notice. F1b’s/multigen have virtually no shedding.
  • Myself/loved one has allergies.  Which breed should I choose?
    If you or a loved one has allergies the Goldendoodle breed is the perfect breed for you! As you have probably read on several sites the curliness of the hair coat is key. People with allergies should look for a puppy with a curlier coat. These coats are generally found with an F1b or an F2 (Multi-gen).
  • Will you ship my puppy to me?
    We offer transportation to your nearest pet-friendly airport if you cannot pick up your puppy in person. We hire Ozark Jet-a-Pet, a pet courier service. Ozark Jet A Pet is a USDA-certified, family-owned pet courier service that takes pride in providing our customers with the most up-to-date services and state-of-the-art transportation available while delivering the friendly, helpful service our customers deserve. They offer safe and reliable pet transportation year-round, with over ten years of experience in pet shipping. Our customers are always impressed with how well Ozark Jet-a-Pet takes care of their pets when they arrive at their nearest airport. Click here to see available shipping destinations. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding travel is, will it be a direct flight? Most of the time, there is a layover in either Chicago or Dallas. Under USDA regulations, when a puppy has a layover, the airlines must hire individuals to feed, water, and play with the puppies. In addition, Ozark Jet A Pet tracks the puppies throughout their journey to you. The puppies are very well taken care of. If they weren't, we wouldn't send them. We put too much love and time into our puppies to send them transportation methods where they may experience trauma. These puppies must also have: A health certificate provided by our vet to travel Airline approved paperwork Airline approved travel crate with a clip-on food and water dish We will provide all of this for you. The cost of shipping a puppy is $450.
  • Am I required to spay and neuter our puppy?
    Yes, we do require your puppy to be spayed and neutered. The details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.
  • What’s your return policy if I can no longer keep my puppy?
    We recommend that everyone take into consideration the work of a puppy and the lifelong commitment it takes to raise one. However, we also know that situations arise in which case we will help the puppy find a better home. Additional details are spelled out in our contract which you will be issued upon placing your deposit.
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