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Wait List:

*Please note, We ONLY start a wait list once we know a new litter is on the way.*

Names will be added in the order the request is received with maximum 10 names.  There is no guarantee if your name is on the list that a puppy will be available for you. We cannot control the size of a litter.  Once a litter is 6 weeks old, we start taking deposits to secure your puppy.  We wait until 6 weeks so they can have their first veterinary evaluation.  This will help you make an informed decision.  Once notified you will have 12 hrs to make your decision and then the next family will be notified.

$500 Non-Refundable deposit required to hold on to your puppy

Things to consider before purchasing a puppy:

1. If you rent, is your landlord OK with you having a puppy?

2. Does your significant other agree with you purchasing a puppy?

3. Have you RESEARCHED the breed to understand the time it will take to care for a puppy as well as what to expect throughout its life?

Litter Parents: 









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